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Doing business of telecomunications in Latam



  • There are several types of infrastructure supporting the telecommunications network (OPGW, Low Poles, Ducting) this variety leads you to find different rates in the market, which are linked to the real availability that each infrastructure be able to offer.
  • Connectivity and IP rates tend to decrease each year, highlighting the speeding up due the entering of new networks and new competitors. Datacenter´s rates tend to remain stable, this is because the supply is limited, especially when talking about the best-connected facilities with higher Tier IV and Tier III standards.
  • Connectivity rates are different for each country, the price is affected by the number of submarine cables and also by the local demand. The country with the lowest rates is Brazil, the most expensive rates are in Bolivia.
  • The supply of capacities higher than 100G usually requires second level revision to the price table (the offer takes some days), this is because most of the suppliers do not have idle capacity in nx100.
  • The sale of more than 10 racks in some DC and the Cage models usually require second level revision to the price table.
  • The sale of less than 12 months services is very scarce, and it is even penalized in the rates.

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